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Saturday, May 14, 2005
SF: Nudes4peace in 2005 Bay2breakers

May 15 Sunday:
@ Bay2Breakers:

Nudes4peace gather at 8AM on the north side of Hayes Street,
near Octavia;
to watch fast Bay2Breakers runners,
then join slow walkers.
Please bring peace signs, drums, flags, etc.
To get there from Civic Center BART/Muni station,
walk west on Grove to Octavia,
walk south on Octavia to Hayes;
look for Marlena's bar (488 Hayes) as landmark.

[For more info, please visit ]

Clothed peaceniks are welcome too.

We expect participants from X-plicit Players, SUN, sfBarea, etc.

We'll wait at Octavia until AFTER the X-plict Players arrive
(from East Bay);
and probably longer.

If you don't feel like walking, you could just stand with us
on Octavia (side street), starting at 8am.

If any police officer(s) order you to cover up, please obey
(even if the order is unlawful).

For official info on B2B,
including times and places of street closures,
please visit:

The footrace is CLOTHING-OPTIONAL in practice (de facto),
tho NOT in theory (de jure).
Runners are followed by walkers; and
these walkers may be in costumes, including birthday suits.
For safety, walkers and other slow-movers must keep to the right,
allowing runners to pass swiftly and freely on the left.

There are usually two or more organized groups
of nude participants in B2B;
and at least two hundred unorganized nudes.
For info on the official naturist "Bare2breakers" runners
(wearing yellow/green caps), please visit:

Serious runners cross the finish line, thru the chutes,
in order to get their time recorded.
Once they cross the line, nude runners must hastily get dressed,
under threat of arrest if they refuse.
Non-competitive participants can avoid this finish-line hassle
in two ways:
(a) by slowing down, and hanging out at the various outdoor
music and dance parties
along the route, as long as those events are allowed to continue;
and/or (b) veering west, away from the chutes and finish line,
to end up on Ocean Beach.

You MUST wear clothing if you attend the Footstock concert,
in the Polo Field,
Sunday, 9:30am to 2pm; free to the public.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Every May, Bay To Breakers provides a huge clothing-optional gathering in SF, which progressives and queers could use to spread their messages.

The participants aren't all progressives, but most tend to be intelligent and tolerant.

Each year, some of the costumes, signs, wheeled objects, etc., carry political messages -- usually humorous or satirical.

But much more could be done, if progressive activists would put more energy into this event.

We need only resist our occasional tendencies to become combative, angry, bitter, dogmatic, or grim. In the Bush Era those attitudes are understandable -- and are also self-defeating.
Humor, including satire, works best at B2B. Also non-disruption, courtesy, smiles and politeness are vital.

Please conspire with your friends (or affinity group) about participating peacefully in B2B, or on the sidelines.
Costumed groups of three to ten persons can be quite effective. (Larger groups might be hard to coordinate, or might interfere with the safe and free forward flow of runners and walkers).

On the marriage-rights issue, same-sex couples in wedding costumes can get their message acros very clearly, even without signs.
Animal-rights activists can enact "I'd rather be naked than wear fur." PG&E and Big Oil are easy to satirize. Walking trees and animals symbolize our endangered environment.

Are you alone? Even one costumed person can make an impact, especially if her or his costume is vivid enough to attract photographers.

Or you can tag along with the "nudes4peace" folks (see below).


15 May 2005

@ Bay2Breakers

Nudes4peace gather at 8am on the north side
of Hayes Street, near Octavia, SF;
to watch Bay2Breakers runners,
then join walkers.

Please bring peace signs, drums, flags, etc.

To get there from Civic Center BART/Muni station,
walk west on Grove to Octavia,
walk south on Octavia to Hayes.

Please arrive at our meeting-place between 8 and 8:30am. If you're going to arrive later, please tell us so. After we're there, we'll watch for a while, until most runners, and many of the walkers (etc) have passed by.

Then we'll discuss what to do next. Some will want to stroll slowly to the next music stop (roadside band) and dance there. Some may wish to walk more rapidly toward the Pacific Ocean. A few may just go home. Since nobody's in charge, we can't predict the outcome until it happens.

If you can't find us, proceed forward (westward) in the footrace after 9.
Pause at each music stop, to look for nudes and for peace signs.

After the B2B footrace, N4P may demonstrate
at Ocean Beach, on federal land.

[ Updates may appear at ]

IF you plan to walk nude (or as a topfree woman),
you may leave a taped message before Nay 14 at
(415) 922-2986,
telling us to expect you on May 15.

(We may not return phone calls.)

Tolerant CLOTHED peace demonstrators
are also welcome.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

No woman can be a priest? No woman was a disciple? No woman can be a god? No goddesses can openly rule in the "post-pagan" temple? Never mind. The girlie-men (those supposedly sexless "grooms of Christ") will sneak her in the back door, to please the deep and ancient mother-need of the still-pagan masses.

Just don't call her a Goddess openly, nor put her in the official Trinity (Father, Sun, and forgotten nonentity). Let's call her THEOTOKOS, the "Mother of God". And while we're at it, Mother can double as "bride of Christ" [see TIME cover story on Mary for Protestants]. Why should the Oedipus legend be the last word on this eternally sickening-but-fascinating theme?

Monotheism is okay for cold philosophers, for life-long students of rare texts, for intellectuals, but the illiterate masses of classical and medieval Europe need lots and lots of deities. So start by splitting the one Jewish God into three, and still that's not enough.

Next let the masses pray to hundreds of demigods, euphemized as saints. Clutter the monotheist church with as many "graven images" as a Chinese temple. Let peasants do pagan magick with such statues, burying the idol upside down in the backyard until he brings rain.
Let them buy many tons of fragments of just one wooden cross.
And let phallo-latrists worship several foreskins of Jesus. And let's import attributes of every cult we can -- pagan trees for Yule, pagan eggs and rabbits for fertility at Easter (named for Ishtar), and on and on. And let's abandon the ancient Biblical Sabbath, and worship instead on the day of Mithra, the sun-god favored by Roman legionnaires. [If you want to know more, ask any Jehovah's Witness.]

And that's just Europe. A whole new wave of syncretism starts
when the church gets to Central and South America.

In China today, capitalism is called "socialism with Chinese characteristics". Likewise, for many centuries, polytheism has been "monotheism with Christian characteristics".

Never underestimate the power of humans to deceive themselves. Not only can we pretend to believe things we know to be false (as when ostensible creationists expect medical experts to keep up with the evolution of the influenza virus), we can cherish incompatible nonsense without even noticing.

We can proclaim several contradictory beliefs at once. We can claim to follow every word of the Old Testament, while eating pork at a church supper. We can claim to follow every word of the New Testament, while merrily divorcing and re-marrying. We can preach fiery sermons about God-the-Father's sadistic Hell, then say God is Love. We're amazing.

( Did our propensity for self-deception once offer humanity some evolutionary benefit, perhaps long before writing was invented? Did our gullibility help build the pyramids? Surely any benefit expired long ago. Perhaps a few centuries before Jesus, when classical Athenians and the Buddha blazed trails toward reason. Certainly many centuries before we humans developed the technological means of self-extinction. )

Meanwhile, since theology is so twistable, already so full of self-contradictions, so packed with nonsense, it can used to excuse anything -- war, slavery, racism, cruelty, sexism, statism, classism, nationalism, the caste system, or any other evil which pleases the powerful. The clutter of silliness hides the truly toxic. And Evil is never more powerful than when it wears the clerical drag of Goodness.

Christian theology is ALMOST as silly as postmodernism. But in 2005, it's far more deadly -- especially when it misguides and misleads our responses to Bin Ladin's different brand of Evil, cleverly disguised as Islamic Goodness.

-- Tax the churches!
Why subsidize hate?

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Recently, some SF queers have been wondering whether Polk Street is, or isn't, losing its queerity.
So how do "queereas" and bohemias evolve in SF? Via bohemia and "vice"? By proximity?

Circa 1969, Polk Street, the Tenderloin, SOMA and the Haight were considered the leading queer-friendly areas; while the Castro was still seen as mainly non-queer (according to Gay By The Bay).
Three of those Sixties queereas are contiguous: SOMA adjoins the Tenderloin, and the Tenderloin adjoins the Polk Street area. These three, all in older parts of SF, plus North Beach (queer & bohemian mecca in 1930s/40s/50s), can be seen as descending from "the Barbary Coast" (19th century "vice" district, circa 1848-1917). In a sense, these three older "ghayttos" carry on Gold Rush traditions of a "wide open city" serving the needs of single men.

In contrast, The Haight-Ashbury and The Castro started as "respectable" neighborhoods of family homes, far away from the "sinful" downtown. The Haight is especially attractive because it adjoins the first two public parks in SF (Golden Gate & Buena Vista, circa 1870); plus two university campuses (UCSF and Catholic USF). In the Sixties, the Haight attracted students from SF State (located in far southwest SF, out on the M streetcar line, in a student-rejecting neighborhood), plus bohemians fleeing from increasingly touristy North Beach.
As the Haight became ever more hippified, it became (relatively) queer-friendly. There queer bohemians could form a semi-visble community, which they later expanded (and "outed") on nearby Castro Street.

Should the Haight/Castro complex, plus the feminist movement (Women's Building, etc.) be seen as the main ancestor of the lesbian-friendly Valencia queerea, near the Castro and inside the Latino Mission district?
Today, are we queers partly responsible for the wider ongoing "hipsterization" of the Mission, whereby educated childless English-speaking bohemians displace less-educated ("working-class") Sanish-speaking families?
Many hipsters chant "Shame! Shame!" at upward-mobile "yuppies", ironically failing
to notice their demographic similarities.
Or is "irony" merely what the hip paint on the squares?

Tortuga Bi LIBERTY
(downward-mobile in "the Trendyloin")
Sunday, March 13, 2005

Does anyone else keep domesticated quail
(NOT wild quail)
as companion animals?

I have rescued several live quail from retail butcher shops
in San Francisco,
and I'm keeping them in my home, as companions.

I've learned a lot about their behavior,
tho I haven't yet written about it.

**Does anyone else,
especially in SF or nearby,
keep quail as pets?**

If you do, please send me a brief note at the address below;
in English or in German.
Maybe we can talk by phone, compare notes, etc.?
(Also please tell me about any groups of humans who
keep quail as pets.)

[Sorry, I'm not online.
This note is being posted for me by a friend.]

[attn.: FERAL ]
P.O. Box 426937-SUN
San Francisco, CA 94142-6937

keywords: pet quail, keeping quail, domestic quail behavior
PLEASE forward/repost to appropriate sites.
[reposted from Craigslist, SF, March 2005
and from ]
Saturday, March 12, 2005
Some lovestyle I've never heard of?

My friend "Dina Feral" keeps several quail as pets.

I'm wondering if there are any other persons in the SF Bay Area
who do so; and whether such quail-keepers (if they exist) ever communicate by phone, chat online, or meet in person.

So, for starters, I google on the word "quail".
No hits!?!
What am I doing wrong?

BUT there are "sponsored links" (paid ads) [reprinted below].
Some of these seem somewhat relevant (such as "Game Bird Farm & Hatchery", or "Keeping And Raising Quail").

On the other hand, consider "Sexy Quail Singles".
Do birds need a dating service?

Or is "quail" some sort of erotic code-word,
like "bear",
or "leather",
or "sex pig"
or "furrie"?
Like, some "variant lovestyle"
(formerly called "perversion")
that I haven't yet heard about?

Meanwhile, I'm still looking for humans
who keep quail (quails?)
as pets.
I'd appreciate any leads which nimbler netizens might send.

-- TBL (friend of Dina )
[ ]

SPONSORED LINKS, 12 March 2005:
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Great deals on new and used items.
Search for quail now! -aff

Keeping And Raising Quail
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Sexy Quail Singles
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Dear editor,

How about holding a dance party for bare-chested womyn and transmen
and intersex persons, of all orientations?
Annually, one week earlier than the dyke march?
As a benefit for groups helping queers, women, transfolk, and intersex persons?

Pamela Phelan
440 Eddy Street
San Francisco, CA 94109-8110

[ March 2005 ]
[ P.S. If anyone ever organizes such a dance in SF,
please send an invitation to:
Pam (Ducky) Phelan, c/o SUN, POB 426937-SUN, SF, CA 94142-6937. ]
Saturday, February 26, 2005


breastphobia, homophobia, gorillaphobia?

Is Koko a bisexual female? A lesbian?


Apparently Koko, the famous female gorilla who communicates in Ameslan (American English Sign Language),
likes to look at the bare breasts of human females.

And at least three former employees are freaking out about this;
in lawsuits where lawyers exhibit
breastphobia, homophobia, and gorillaphobia.

It's unfortunate, in my queer opinion, that the Koko Foundation has hired, from time to time, employees who don't really appreciate how wonderful Koko is. It's even more unfortunate that such employees were ever introduced to Koko in person..

I would respectfully suggest that being introduced to Koko is a privilege, which thousands of her fans would cherish.
This privilege shouldn't be squandered on persons who cannot accept Koko's personality, habits, et cetera --
even if such persons happen to be employees.

Of course, the foundation must introduce her, one time,
to visiting VIPs and major donors.
But for repeated visitors, criteria should include:
(1) ability to sign and read Ameslan;
(2) knowledge of gorilla behavior, and of Koko's unique behavior;
(3) [for females] a relaxed attitude about exposure of the female human breast; et cetera.

Culturally, Koko has spent her life relating mainly to humans, and not much to fellow gorillas.
She understands persons speaking English orally (at least if they use her basic vocabulary of around 1,000 words) and those who sign to her in Ameslan. She expresses herself by signing in Ameslan. So her personal culture is a mixture of gorilla and human. When she deals with human culture, she's somewhat like a human child (imagine one who only knows 1,000 words).....

Little kids often want to see the breasts, genitals, and
bare bodies of their playmates.
They often call this "playing doctor".
If some breastphobic and nudophobic persons are prudishly offended by her desires,
they should never visit her.

Besides, Koko herself lives naked. (She hasn't had any practical need for clothing since she was a baby in diapers.)
Her keepers never taught her to be ashamed of her own nudity.
So why should humans be shocked if a naked gorilla
asks them to undress?

Physically, she's no longer a child. If her female handlers were willing, and if Americans were less sexphobic,
she might ask for more intimacy than just looking at their bare breasts.

(We don't know what she may have asked of human men. At any rate, none has sued about any such requests. Our U.S. culture pressures girls to be more prudish than boys; and so, on average, with many individual exceptions, most adult women usually internalize a fear of nudity. Also, a straight man isn't likely to be offended by the erotic (or proto-erotic) desires of a female; more likely he's flattered, even when he signs No. However, we don't know the sexual orientations of the humans in Koko's circle of friends and acquaintances.)

Does Koko think of herself as a human or a gorilla?
Both? Neither?
Maybe she can't resolve the contradictions in her life,
being marginal in two worlds.

The Foundation has provided Koko with male gorillas as potential mates,
yet she has no babies. Maybe the problem is that she sees them as gorillas, not as humans?
Koko apparently has a desire to mother an infant, as shown by her
tender care for her kittens (one at a time).

Her non-reproduction is unfortunate, since researchers want to see whether she will try to teach
Ameslan to her gorilla baby; and how well her effort might succeed, or not.
I wonder if they will eventually resort to artificial insemination?
Or is she already too old?

At any rate, Koko deserves loving friendship from those humans who really appreciate her.
And she should be shielded from humans who don't feel comfortable around her --
who may despise her for having same-sex desires,
or for having different-species desires.

Her life is difficult, since she cannot fully participate in human culture,
nor can she fully participate in gorilla culture.
She deserves our love and sympathy,
not our phobic scorn.

[ Caveat: The lawsuit(s) include other employment issues,
about which I know nothing and have no opinion.
My remarks above concern only the allegations about breast-baring. ]

Tortuga Bi LIBERTY,
one of Koko's fans,
San Francisco

[ ]


[ for news report, please see SF Chronicle --

Ex-worker is third to sue over gorilla
Woman says she had to show her breasts to Koko

Patricia Yollin, Chronicle Staff Writer
Saturday, February 26, 2005



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